How to Take Care of High Heels at Home

by Black Urban Wears on Nov 08, 2022

How to Take  Care of High Heels at Home

High heeled footwear is becoming increasingly popular. Ladies usually prefer high heels to match their attire for formal work meetings or weddings. But, just like other footwear, high heels must be cleaned on a regular basis to avoid lasting staining and damages to the shoes. Depending on the type of fabric, the following tips will help you clean your heels the next time you need to wear them!

  1. Wipe the interiors of the heels with a dry tissue as the initial cleanup step. This enables you to get rid of any dirt or skin oils that have built up in the heels. Use a brush to remove dirt if the heels are made of leather or suede by making quick circular motions.
  1. To remove tough stains from leather heels, use a cotton ball coated in shoe wax. Recall to remove extra shoe wax after cleaning. Additionally, applying petroleum jelly on the scuff can help eliminate heel marks.
  1. You may clean dirt from suede heels by using a pencil eraser. Additionally, to remove stains, dab a napkin in white vinegar. After the vinegar has dried and left behind marks, let the heel dry completely before using a brush to remove them. Additionally, rubbing alcohol used with a paper towel aids in reviving the appearance of suede heels.
  2. Use a dry tissue to wipe away dirt off satin shoes. Additionally, dab stains with a damp towel in a downward motion, following the fabric's texture. Additionally, if the stains are still difficult to remove, add some soapy water to the damp towel and dab once more. When the washing is finished, blot the satin fabric with a dry towel to remove any remaining humidity and water.
  1. If the high heels are made of linen, wipe away dust with a wet cloth and deal with tough stains with liquid soap.
  1. Start cleaning canvas heels only after the stain has completely dried, as trying to remove it while it's still wet will just make things worse. To get the dried mud to fall off the heels, lightly tap the bottoms of the shoes together. In a bowl of hot water, add some detergent next. Scrub the shoes with a clean sponge dipped in the mix of water. Once the cleaning is finished, remove any remaining dirt with a clean cloth dampened with water. To ensure a thorough drying process, place some tissue inside the shoes and keep them upright in bright light.                                                                    
  2. Make portable packs that are useful when needed to eliminate unpleasant odour from the shoes. Put some coffee in a packet with some ground coffee. To get rid of their unpleasant smell, heels can be treated with this packet.