Keep Up The Summer Fun By Following Foot Tips

by Black Urban Wears on Nov 08, 2022

Keep Up The Summer Fun By Following Foot Tips

Summer is a season of freedom for your feet!

Whether you’re digging them into the sand at the beach or splashing them in the water at the pool, your feet will be plenty busy this summer.

We know that summer brings with it special precautions we should all take to stay healthy and safe, including staying hydrated and limiting physical activity during the hottest parts of the day.

Then again, you don't want an issue or foot pain to hinder you from enjoying all that the blackurbanwear has to offer this summer!

Here are five summer foot care techniques to keep your feet looking great.

  1. When applying sunblock, don't forget your feet.

Sunblock is an important component of enjoying outdoor activities safely in the summer, and most people will apply it without hesitation.

People frequently omit their feet while applying their chosen SPF – some forget, while others believe their feet will not be exposed enough to cause an issue.

A sunburn can occur in as little as 10 minutes of sun exposure if the UV index is especially high!

our feet are almost certainly exposed to the sun for longer than that if you consider a typical day spent at the beach or pool.

As a result, before engaging in any activity requiring prolonged barefoot use, make sure to generously apply sunscreen to your feet.

After swimming, reapply sunscreen and be sure to cover your ankles and the backs of your feet.

Additionally, remember to take off your sandals or flip-flops before applying sunscreen — you don't want a sunburn the form of a sandal!

  1. Minimize the amount of time you spend barefoot.

One of the finest aspects of summer might be going barefoot since it allows you to be a little more carefree and truly connect with the beach or ocean.

Additionally, while going barefoot is OK, you should strive to limit yourself.

In the summertime, going barefoot increases the probability of being hurt since parking lots and boardwalks are sometimes much hotter than they look, and you don't want to risk getting burned on the bottoms of your feet.

Furthermore, being barefoot frequently puts you at risk for developing bacterial infections, ringworm, and plantar warts.

When strolling on any public, heavily used surfaces, such as pool decks, hotel corridors, and toilets, wear shoes, flip-flops, or sandals.

  1. Carefully break in your sandals

One of the most typical summer foot blunders, along with forgetting the sunscreen, is slipping directly into a new pair of sandals.

Once sandal season approaches, it makes sense to be eager to wear your new sandals since your feet have been confined to boots and shoes for months.

To prevent foot injuries, new sandals should be broken in gradually, much like new boots and shoes.

Before a long day at the beach or before setting off on a trip, people frequently put on new sandals and end up with severe blisters from the straps.

Blisters are less likely to form as a result of the sandals' ability to somewhat loosen up and conform to the contour of your foot.

These happen when the straps put painful pressure on the skin of the foot while still being stiff from being so fresh.

  1. Before putting on your shoes, dry your feet.

When leaving the beach or swimming pool, many individuals will put their shoes or sneakers back on, despite the fact that flip-flops and sandals may be the most popular choice for summer footwear.

In such case, take careful to completely dry your feet before putting your shoes or socks back on.

Maintaining dry feet can help avoid the development of bacteria or fungus, which will help prevent the development of foot odour as well.

  1. When organising your activities, consider your feet.

You'll need different footwear for a day at the beach than you will for a day of trekking, so different summer activities will call for different things from your feet.

Consider what you'll be asking your feet to perform while planning your summer activities, then make plans appropriately.

This will ensure that your feet are prepared for everything you throw at them.

You should take flip-flops and water shoes if you're heading to a water park, for instance, and extra socks if you're going on a trek.

A spare pair of socks and a spare pair of footwear should always be packed, just in case.

They are superfluous at worst.Always include an extra pair of socks and a spare pair of sneakers, just in case.

At worst, they are unnecessary additional supplies; at best, they can prevent a rainy drive home.

  1. Have foot-care supplies available.

It's wise to pack first aid supplies whether you're going on a day vacation or staying at a rental home for a week.

Pack a few extra items to assist you take care of your feet along with the usual first aid supplies.

Such things consist of:

Perforated pads

nail trimmers

Emery plys

mincing stones

Aloe vera

Feet Suffer in the Extreme Summer Heat

The 250 000 sweat glands on the foot work overtime when the temperature rises. Although they are attempting to make the skin cooler, they frequently leave it quite moist and unfragranced. Additionally, heat waves are known for causing feet swell. Fluid fills the tissues as a result of blood vessels expanding to assist heat escape. Gravity promotes significant volumes of that fluid to pool in the feet of people who stand or sit for extended periods, which causes them to feel fatigued and achy.

In addition to being uncomfortable, sweaty, swollen feet raise your risk of foot health problems like blisters, foot odour, and athlete's foot fungal infections (fungi thrive in moist conditions). Therefore, learning how to care for your feet amid a heat wave may be really helpful.

Easy Methods to Cool Your Feet Down

Don't worry if your feet are moping around at the conclusion of a long, hot day. There are several doable actions you may do to calm them down. All you'll require are a few common home goods.

  • Half-fill your hot water bottle with cold water, then add some crushed ice to make a foot cooler. It feels amazing and is the perfect size for placing your feet up.

  • To feel cooled and soothed, place a cold, moist bath towel over your feet.

  • Sit outside, expose your feet, and elevate them on a footstool to enjoy the energising evening winds. Soon enough, they'll be cooler and less swollen.

  • Use a foot spray that contains reviving peppermint essential oil to spritz your feet. This cools, calms, and revitalises hot, fatigued feet.

  • If you wake up in the middle of the night feeling uncomfortable, keep a washing-up bowl filled with cool water near your couch or bed and have a foot bath in the evening. Add a few drops of lavender or tea tree oil to the water to heighten the calming effect.