Pre-booking Facility

Our amazing facility of pre- booking will help you book your imported desired product.

Our easy to use and understand pre-booking method will assure you to get your article as soon as possible.

If the product you want to buy is available in our stock, then you'll probably get your order within 5 to 7 business days.

And if it isn't available, then you'll have your product right at your doorstep within 25-30  days.... But no worries at all... you'll get the best of everything...

On what products do we're offering pre-booking services?

This pre-booking service is available on different imported brand’s products, i.e bigtree and other famous brands.


We accept your payment through a Bank Deposit  instead of COD.
As COD is not applicable for pre-booking of orders, you have to make complete advance payment !

And thats it ..

Ta Da! Your order will be dispatched shortly.